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Practice Areas

Drawing on our founder's wide professional experience, we are able to offer a wide range of financial services, among which accounting and payroll, audit and assurance, tax and advisory, fiduciary and administrative services, as well as immigration services (citizenship by investment and immigration permits).

Tax & Advisory


The corporate tax rate in Cyprus is at 12,5%, one of the lowest in the EU and worldwide. Cyprus offers many tax incentives, in addition to its favourable tax rate, that make it worthwhile for a business to carry out its activities through a Cyprus company. Our firm offers complete taxation solutions, both for planning and compliance. Please visit our Publications page to learn more about the Cyprus tax system.

We offer a variety of advisory services, including:

-Business plan and feasibility study preparation

-Financial due diligence and business valuation reports

-Corporate restructuring plan preparation

-Obtaining Cyprus Investment Firm licence

-Obtaining residence and work permits

Fiduciary & Administration








Our firm is licensed by ICPAC (the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus) to offer fiduciary and administrative services in Cyprus. These include:

-Cyprus limited liability company formation

-Cyprus branch registration

-Cyprus trust formation

-Foreign company formations (Seychelles, BVI, Belize, Panama, Delaware, Marshall Islands, UAE, Liberia, and more)

-Formation of other legal forms

-Representation services to Cyprus companies that include nominee directors, nominee shareholders, secretary and registered office.

-Opening of individual and company bank accounts by acting as introducers to the bank (Bank of Cyprus, Hellenic Bank, RCB Bank and other local and foreign banks).

-Other company administration services

Accounting & Payroll


We provide full accounting and financial reporting compliance and advisory services to Cyprus companies. These must prepare annual financial statements under International Financial Reporting Standards and have them audited. An annual tax return must be prepared based on those audited financial statements and an annual statutory company return, including copy of the audited financial statements, must be submitted to the Registrar of Companies.

Payroll services offered by our firm include:

-Employee contract preparation

-Employee registration with the Social Insurance Service  and the Taxation Department

-Calculation of employees’ salaries payable and the relevant deductions/ contributions and tax to be withheld, if any and payment of deductions/ contributions and any tax withheld to the relevant Government Authority

-Issue of employee pay-slips analysing their salaries, deductions/ contributions and any tax withheld

-Applications for subsidised hiring, taking advantage of government and/ or EU incentives


Permanent Residence

by Investment















Attracting foreign direct investment is at the heart of Cyprus’ development strategy, as it represents a key driver for economic growth, amidst today’s constantly changing international environment. In line with this policy, the Cyprus government has introduced the Cyprus Permanent Residence Program.

Please read Cyprus Investment Promotion Agency's information booklet for more info:

Audit & Assurance


A statutory audit is required of all Cyprus companies to be carried out by an independent licensed auditor practising in Cyprus. Our firm is licensed by the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Cyprus (ICPAC, ΣΕΛΚ) to offer audit and other assurance services in Cyprus.

Basic laws that underlie the professional activities of Auditors in Cyprus are:

-The Implementation of Provisions of Resolutions or Decisions of the United Nations Security Council (Sanctions) and the Decisions and Regulations of the Council of the European Union (Restrictive Measures) Law of 2016 (Law 58 (I) / 2016)

-The Auditors and Statutory Audits of Annual and Consolidated Accounts Law

-Prevention and Suppression of Money Laundering Activities Law

-Companies Law (Cap 113)

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